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Florence T Lyon is a pen name created out of cautious necessity.

Pen and paper writing

I was surviving PTSD symptoms since 2003 while raising three children alone, working full time and presenting a professional persona. Life was a struggle in so many ways. Writing was one form of coping, of expressing properly as an introverted type in addition to years of talk therapy.

No medication was needed. Close family, good friends and generous amounts of wine helped though.

As a potential author, I chose a pen name before publishing The Year of the Rabbit – A Novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness in 2011. It was a decision to not use my former married name, the last name of an abusive, unstable individual.

I felt liberated in choosing a pen name, a pseudonym, and to subsequently allow that persona to evolve as an advocate for the innocent and meek.

In using that name over the years, considering the next publishing attempt, Flo validated my observations of inequality in our world. One can become tired of bullies and abusers, overly-competitive people whose selfish ambitions affect and hurt others. One can also look for glimmers of hope, recognize small acts kindness and collaboration. Flo soon embraced the power of Twitter to express and share.

To wrap this up, I am just a quiet girl from the bay who tries to express in writing. I have been a city mouse for over a quarter of a century, a humble apartment renter surviving bureaucracy and Canadian winters. I hope you will enjoy reading my novel, my nascent works of fiction or opinion pieces in this blog.

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airways tour plane georgian bay 2015

Georgian Bay airways tour 2015

Georgian Bay airways tour 2015

The creation of this author blog was inspired by a visit to the NAG Monet exhibit, then motivated by a serendipitous encounter with this “Mystery” post by a fellow WordPress blogger in February 2016.