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This past week it was encouraging to see families visit the book shop, with parents distributing pocket change so their darlings could browse the children’s section and make happy discoveries.

book shop haiku

You meet all kinds of folks in a used book shop. Regardless if they buy one book or ten, you know they are readers and perhaps avid readers. You notice they visit the library often too and are looking for the next interesting read. When it’s not too busy, I enjoy discussing books with them, hearing their opinions and of course… sharing my own.

You can find some of my book ratings and reviews on Goodreads

One regular customer has been known to park her child’s carriage beside the front desk so she can explore the shelves in peace after I offer to keep an eye on the slumbering tot.

I love sleeping babies and well-behaved children. It brings back happy memories of my own. 

teddy bear holding book wednesday is spaghetti day

Edgar the Bear has some recommendations for children’s books

On the final sale day, two girls thanked their parents for *loonies and seemed giddy at the chance to obtain books for such a good price, and that the nice lady at the counter made sure to put their books in pretty, colourful bags.

That gesture hopefully will add a special attraction, encouraging them to read often, and eventually as working adults to part with a few dollars more when they discover a new author, title or series in a book store, online or at a community book fair.

I share this warming anecdote with you on the last Sunday of February – a messy winter day in the Ottawa Valley. I have no intentions of venturing out. You?

Perhaps you prefer indoor activities like curling up with a good book and sipping hot tea. I invite you to read a tearful excerpt from my novel, sharing a moment of hope and joy.


Gio left Marie, Georgette and Matthew to deal with the teenagers and headed quietly to Amy’s room.  It was a good thing her roommate was heavily sedated with the commotion of the two families in and out this evening.

He stood in the doorway, watching as Sera held her nephew in her arms, gently rocking him back and forth.  Gio’s heart swelled with pride and sorrow.

“He’s so cute, Amy.” Sera sniffed, “He’s so beautiful – and hairy!”

“Yeah, he is beautiful, isn’t he?” Amy responded weakly from her bed, already dozing off.

“What are you going to call him?” she sniffed again.

“I didn’t even think about that.  How stupid to not even think of a name yet. I’m just sooo tired…”

“Oh, don’t worry, something will come to you soon,” Sera turned her loving gaze to the slumbering baby, “Right, hairy boy?”

The nurse slid past Gio to retrieve the baby and take him back to the nursery. Sera protested at first then gave in to her authority.  Amy had already fallen asleep and could care less.

The nurse expertly bundled him back up into a tightly wrapped package.  She swept him into her arms, walked towards the visiting area and stated, “All right you people, it’s time to move out.  Come back tomorrow morning at eleven.”


You can read more of this excerpt in its birthing stage and others at the Novel’s blog. You also can read more of the novel by downloading 20% of the eBook for free from my publisher. If you decide you want to purchase a copy, you can choose what to pay. How’s that for a deal? I would be pleased though if you paid at least a loony 🙂

I hope that in a couple of years, I can publish a fresh print edition so that readers can hold it, earmark it and embrace it like an old friend.

Thanks for dropping by.


*loony, loonies – That’s a dollar coin in Canadian talk, eh?