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I think it started in the early 1970s when one of my older sisters brought home a painted egg encased in a glass box.

Painted egg in glass case

Painted egg in glass case (garage sale acquisition circa 2013)

I admired that delicate object, and in later years tried to recreate similar pieces of art, strung from coiled copper stands. I wonder how many friends still have theirs – if they survived the bumps of domestic life.

In my teens, I acquired a taste for wonton soup at one of the local Chinese-Canadian restaurants. It was also one of the most-affordable dishes for someone on a limited allowance while socializing with friends.

Bowl of hot wonton soup

Bowl of hot wonton soup 2015 


During one sad and lonely time of my life, I read a lot. I also drew a lot. One of the pencil crayon pictures was of a Asian girl sitting on a grassy hill with mountains in the background. She was taking a break from playing the recorder to cuddle a kitten. Birds perched on her shoulder and knee. It was a scene of naive serenity.

Pencil crayon drawing of Asian girl

Pencil crayon drawing of Asian girl circa 1983

I have no idea how or why the two red roses got in there. Perhaps they were from her admirers? Perhaps they were symbols of what was to come?

Upon later inspection, I noticed there were three little birds surrounding her.

When I had that awesome work term at the local library, I borrowed books on Chinese history, art and philosophy. I was like a sponge.

Much of the information I absorbed long ago has likely sunk through the sieve into the recesses of my mind. I am sure though that they must have resurfaced from the subconscious when I started writing The Year of the Rabbit.

I think this is how the Red Hare restaurant and Amy Young came about as I was trying earnestly to write about Sera Fletcher and her childhood experiences. I mean, how else would the Carl Young character have come about?

Life has delivered a whirlwind of anticipation as I look forward to meet two little people and their Asian mother. It’s a matter of patience and balance for me in my excited and hopeful state.

In this year of the Fire Monkey, I am trying to calm my excitement and channel my energy into an auspicious development. I give myself permission to gently embrace traditions while avoiding the negative effects of cultural appropriation.

As an artist and writer, I explore my dreams and memories to channel the power of creation, of sharing experiences and new opportunities. I avoid writing disturbing scenes or sharing horrible memories that are prevalent in the dark genres. In my opinion, our world needs more stories of inspiration and human resilience. We need to put aside our material greed, hunger for power and bring balance back to the ancient cultures, the nurseries of civilization and discourse.

Here’s wishing you an enjoyable Vernal Equinox in celebrating the surge of new life where ever in this world, this cosmos you may be from. You can explore a curiosity of balancing an egg on its end today too!  I look forward to enjoying the comfortable temperatures for the next few weeks in the northern hemisphere as I give thanks for creation and opportunities in this perennial cosmic egg.

Yin Yang Egg creation circa 1998

Yin Yang Egg creation circa 1998


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