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In line with my interest in cultural traditions and belief systems, I thought it was a good time to get in a few words about Beltane.

Who didn’t enjoy frolics in the forest, titter at the mention of the Maypole, its phallic implications that induced the dancing, grinding and carrying on in days of old?

Oh, only me? Fine then… Read about the origins as presented by paganwiccan.about.com or a tamed-down version from Wikipedia.

cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Permit me to offer a teaser from the hide and seek excerpt in The Year of the Rabbit, as the youngsters begin their game of hide and seek after a neighbourhood BBQ:

The kids squealed and scattered into the dimming light towards the gardens, the lilacs and the raspberry bushes. Sera watched as Amy grabbed Daniel’s hand and led him quickly down the path towards the train trestle then took a sharp left along the raspberry bushes. Sera quickly and quietly followed, crouching behind. The two teenagers ran beyond the bushes, up the slope towards the forest with Amy’s long, black hair and blue skirt flaring around her. Sera stopped at the edge of the raspberry patch.

That’s not fair, she thought, Daniel said no going beyond the raspberry patch. That cheat!

Sera decided to follow them, creeping from tree to tree and bush to bush as she watched them climb up the slope towards the forest.

Walter finished counting, “ninety-eight, ninety-nine, ONE HUNDRED!,” then hollered, “Ready or not here I come!” He turned and scanned the Fletcher’s large back yard and from the corner of his eye, noticed one of the twins’ heads peering over the rock behind one of the gardens.

No, he thought, Too easy. I’m going to find Daniel first, that smart-ass! He straightened and smoothed his long braided tresses on each side of his head and sniffed the air, catching the lingering scent of the barbecue, cherry blossoms, lilacs and…Amy’s perfume.

Channel Number 5, here I come, he snickered to himself, You were practically hanging off the poor guy all evening. You’re probably stuck to him right now.

You can read more at the novel’s blog.

As a bonus, here is a poetic offering about Beltane, Robin Greenwood and the origins of a certain family name:

Fruits of Beltane

Let us have a little fun,
With the surname ‘Robinson’.
In a book I unearthed recently,
Was revealed some family history.

To appreciate, we must turn the pages,
To Europe during the middle ages.
There still survived some Pagan ways,
In the celebrations of those days.

One that promises to be interesting,
Has to do with the rites of spring,
With the Maypole and its decorations,
Which had phallic implications.

By now this story is getting good.
As we learn of activities in the wood.
For the young, sweet maids were led,
To visit a soft, warm forest bed.

Greeting the Green Knight whose name,
Was Robin – with his special game.
The maidens received their initiation,
Into spring rites and procreation.

I’m not aware if they put up a fight,
Or were willing players in this rite.
Perhaps their primal urges released,
And led them into the carnal feast.

Hence in the cold days of February,
Before the girls had a chance to marry,
The arrival of the bastards had begun,
And were named the ‘sons of Robin’ – or Robinson.

Blue blood I guess was not to be,
Coursing veins of our family tree.
Now when I encounter a forest scene,
I feel red blooded – with a touch of green.

T. A. J.
Inspired 2002. Modified Feb 2006

Source and inspiration:  The book “The Elixir and the Stone – Unlocking the Ancient Mysteries of the Occult. Here’s a meandering review written under a different name: http://web.ncf.ca/co848/oldsh1t/reviews/review-elixirstone.pdf

Thanks for dropping by.  Wishing you a very merry month of May 🙂