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Imagine a group of middle-aged women dinging and swirling away on different-toned singing bowls.

After a bit of practice and belly laughs, it can become a harmonious experience.

Small Tibetan Singing Bowl and Mallet

Small Tibetan Singing Bowl and Mallet

As you may have guessed, I recently attended a Tibetan singing bowl workshop. It was a serendipitous opportunity in my research on spiritual traditions.  The invitation came at a time when I felt the world could use more harmony and good vibrations.

After the past few years of attending the annual Feng Shui workshops, I had yet to acquire a singing bowl. There are metallic bowls and crystal bowls. The workshop focused on the metallic ones, their special composition, the history and different methods of production.

The attendees were all women who learned about the benefits of singing bowl placement for good energy and harmony in cleansing one’s personal space as well as for personal meditation.  I was more interested in the latter.

Based on unsuccessful experiences with group Gong meditation sessions, I found the singing bowl  personal practice would be more beneficial.  I would be in control of the surrounding environment, sounds and vibrations – all the while remembering to breathe!

After testing out a few different sized and toned bowls, I chose a small, green one that is supposed to be in tune with the heart Chakra. According to  the advice of a local Feng Shui practitioner and retailer, one can never have too many singing bowls to place around the home ;-^ 

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