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That’s apparently a phrase that originated from World War II.

At the time, cigarettes were rationed to soldiers, so they became a luxury and a valuable form of currency for those who did not smoke.

Over at the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog, you can enjoy a post titled Lighting up vs puckering up. The words singe with personal opinions and smolder with sage advice on having kissable lips.

In The Year of the Rabbit, readers will discover that smoking is frowned upon – especially when one of the Fletcher girls is caught at it. Murder could be frowned upon too…

– Snippet from the novel –

Sera heard a loud crack – then a chilling silence.  

She saw movement to her right – someone coming up from the direction of the train tracks.  It was Gwen, wearing her weekend jeans, jean jacket and her copper hair flowing around her.  She was smoking a cigarette. Quickly, she ran over to her sister’s side.

“Hey! Sera,” she panted, “What happened? I heard yelling.  Are you alright?”

Sera nodded and brushed pine needles off of her sweatshirt. She was in shock as well as surprised to see her sister smoking.  Her eyes widened at the sight.

Gwen noticed her sister’s discovery.  “Oh, yeah…” then bent with intention to put it out on the forest floor.  

“No!” said Sera, “That’s not safe.”

“Then where else am I supposed to put it?”

Sera gestured to the beer bottle beside the paint can.

When Gwen returned to her sister, she helped her up and brushed the pine needles off of her back.  Sera stood still, staring at where Daryl MacDonald lay.  He wasn’t moving.  His head and neck were bent back in an awkward position against the stump.

“Gwen… I think he’s dead.”

Together, they walked slowly in the direction of the body.  Sera looked down at him then at her bloody right hand.

“Oh my God.  I killed him.”

– End snippet –

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