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Thanksgiving has come and gone in our little corner of Canada.

We were grateful for small blessings while opening our hearts and wallets to those less fortunate.

I was pleased by the recent news report about Apple orchards in eastern Ontario experiencing ‘weird, wonderful flavours’ after drought. This Thanksgiving, we did indeed enjoy some sweet apple cider. The resident artiste has made it a tradition for our weekend of feasting and giving thanks.

The novel’s blog served up an excerpt about thanksgiving and non-traditional meals shared at a Chinese Canadian restaurant that became a third place for the Fletcher family plus provided Sera with her own special space.

In The Year of the Rabbit, the apple appears many times – mostly as a symbol of innocence and discovery.  It leads Sera through thoughts of life after death then the accidental revelation of her true paternal origin.  There is another scene where its innocent influences cannot prevent Sera from acting on uncontrollable rage.

Read some excerpts here or download 20% of the novel for free from Smashwords. Not convinced yet? See what other readers have said about the novel.

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