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It’s Halloween and I am not in the partying mood.

When you’ve recently experienced a death in the family, this day provides a poignant reminder of our eventual departure from this earthly existence.

Instead of spending the day with costume alterations or decorating your front door, you check your packing list and search your closet for appropriate attire. You don’t want to venture out into public and risk being bombarded by imagery and retail distortions of this celebration for the dead.

Instead of a jack-o-lantern, you will light a candle of remembrance and respect.

votive candle in wine bottle lantern

This week will be the first time I would have stepped into a Catholic church in quite a few years. There are mixed blessings of being the youngest in a large, poor family in that you were not close to the recently departed. You dig for the words to describe memorable moments, characteristics of a family member you barely knew.

You prepare yourself for a long journey, to attend the services where you will offer consolation and comfort to others.

You prepare yourself for the moment that will open the floodgates of tears.

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Do drop by the novel’s blog to read an excerpt. It’s the one where Sera thinks about life after death and her Mother’s impending fate. I wrote it based on my naive impressions after my own Mother passed away many years ago.