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During my book shop shifts, I enjoy the chats with regular clients.

They are inquisitive, well-read folks. Some say nothing for long stretches then surprise you with interesting questions or observations.

book shop display

At your local book shops, there’s always something different each week

One appears to be a grumpy old man but I think he brightens up when I acknowledge his arrival. He always says he’s in a hurry to get to his next appointment but often has time for chit chat or cranky observations.

Most of the clients leave the store with bagfuls or armloads of purchases – or items from the free bin.

At times we receive herds of children with their families. I love it when they visit the shop, explore the children’s section for new treasures – or ask random questions.

One of the regular gentlemen customers likes to explore new places so often occupies the travel section during his visits. During one shift, I noticed traveling man standing in the middle of the shop with a blank look on his face.  He declared, “I … am wondering where to travel next…”

“Muskoka!” I replied matter-of-factly.

“That’s right,” replied Grumpy Man, “Didn’t you recently travel there?”

“Yeah,” I responded, “After Thanksgiving for the Cranberry Festival then again two weeks later for a funeral.”

“Oh… Sorry to hear that. So what is Muskoka like?”, inquired Traveling Man.

view from airplane georgian bay

Georgian Bay air tour 2015

“Lots of trees, lakes, rivers and Georgian Bay if you travel far enough west. It can make for a nice, long drive through Algonquin Park.”

View of forest, Georgian Bay and CPR rail bridge in Parry Sound

View of forest, Georgian Bay and CPR rail bridge in Parry Sound

“Huh… thanks!”, he responded then turned to explore more shelves.

Muskoka is indeed a nice place to visit in the winter for ice fishing and carnivals, and of course, in the summer – along with all the rich people from Toronto and the U.S.  I failed to mention the black flies in the spring time though. Follow this site for tourism information.

If you’re looking to explore Muskoka through my memories, imagination and camera lens, follow this blog entry where I demonstrate you CAN go home again. Follow this one where I challenged my fear of flying – with help from my son and my little anxiety friend. Why not read a few excerpts from my novel? Heck, why not buy an ebook copy?

You can also learn about Muskokaisms, as recalled and recorded by my ten siblings and me.

Thanks for dropping by. May your world travels be enjoyable, educational and safe.