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Yeah, Valentine’s Day is approaching.

Aside from my weakness for dark chocolate, I will be burrowing into books and shielding myself from the onslaught of jewelry, romantic getaways and chocolate advertisements. Humbug!

This cat lady divorcée is not entirely jaded. I enjoy the glow from my three hours of bliss while volunteering in my community book shop. I get to browse the shelves for new gems, chat up the regular patrons, meet new people, and on a rare occasion shake hands with a local celebrity. Blush, gush!

You may be interested in a cute event hosted by the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association to raise funds. It’s called “Blind Date with a Book”. You pay $3 for a pseudo-wrapped parcel of books not knowing what is inside.

poster blind date with a book FOPLA

Blind Date with a Book – Valentine’s

Aside from this being a clever fund raising idea, some people think that picking out a book is a personal activity and choice.

book shop haiku

I lean to agree. How about you?

Thanks for dropping by. Please leave that sealed box of chocolates at the counter on your way out. ❤