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It is Sunday, my day of reflection.

Tabby cat beside plants and a small statue of Kwan Yin

Tabby Cat sharing a sun puddle with Kwan Yin

The weekend has been relaxing and productive around our humble home. We have the freedom to choose if we wish to visit a building, a natural space or remain in our home to reflect and pray. We can also choose which day and how many times a week.

Here you can see a new statue of Kwan Yin, the Asian Goddess of Mercy. We welcomed her into our home in celebration of the Lunar New Year a few weeks ago.

Some also refer to her as the Goddess of Compassion. I like that. Our world could use some more compassion these days.

I try to instill that wisdom upon Geneva regarding her treatment of Snuggles but it’s a hard lesson.

two cats beside plants and Kwan Yin statue

A peaceful morning

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday. I invite you to read an excerpt from The Year of the Rabbbit, when young Sera Fletcher finds her special spot to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

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