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If you grew up in the Roman Catholic church, you likely heard accusations that we were idol worshippers.

We were surrounded by symbolism of the Crucifix, statues of the Virgin Mary and many saints. Except for the pitiful bleeding Jesus on the huge cross at the front of our church, I mostly found comfort and a point of focus for prayers in the statues. They represented the universal message of peace, love and sacrifice.

The fact that most representations of Jesus were Caucasian is a topic for another day…

Ah, peace, love and understanding. 

What the world needs now is Love, sweet Love.

When it came to pop culture, I wan’t much of a follower. The best sampling I got through popular music was tuning our radio to a decent AM signal coming in from Toronto.

Mother made sure I couldn’t attend local concerts with friends because she “heard what goes on at concerts, people under the influence of drugs and alcohol”. Dahm, yes! 

There were no concerts, no idolizing of nor swooning over celebrities. Honestly, my only celebrity crush was on David Suzuki. As a weekly follower of The Nature of Things on CBC TV, I used to imagine his voice reading out, helping me understand concepts from the dry high school science and math text books.

I was a quiet nerd who led such a sheltered life but like some Catholic girls, I found a few ways around that – especially after meeting him. More about that in another blog…

Thanks for reading this far. You may enjoy my 2011 novel, another blog of deep blonde thoughts, and one where the Tabby cat rules as I write about writing.

The novel contains reference to the Church, its attractions and its flaws. It also refers to different flavours of Christianity and gives a gentle nod to the compassion of Buddhism.

Many years later, as a jaded, middle-aged divorcée, I have the life experience and tenacity to think freely and choose carefully from the many attractions and distractions our modern world provides.

Tabby cat and Kwan Yin Goddess statue

Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy

In my self-imposed sheltered life, I can jest about servitude to the pampered cats while I explore the mythology of household gods. I may even imagine David Suzuki’s voice as I read through the many books I have collected on the subjects.

Thanks for dropping by. Please pay a dollar and light a votive candle for me on the way out 😉