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Imagine if some circus director got permission to walk freely through your church, temple or other place of worship and set up a flashy light show.

Imagine if one small group claims representation for the sacred site, and allows in condo developers and showmen.

Not being a fan of the Ottawa 2017 events that were funded by our tax dollars this year, I am especially dismayed by the lack of respect for the sacred site and the division that developers and showmen have caused among the first peoples in the area.

This movement to Free the Falls and its Islands has appealed to my respect for the First People’s spirituality, a sense of justice and environmental wellness. When my body is able, I join the walks and fundraising events. Otherwise, I show my support for this movement through writing blog entries like this or donating money.

Medicine Wheel button and blue ribbon representing the river

Medicine Wheel button and blue ribbon representing the river

Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor – October 14, 2017 – Chaudière light show disrespectful – http://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/letters/todays-letters-chaudiere-falls-deserve-veneration-not-flashy-shows

Blog post by Albert Dumont, Algonquin elder and proponent for the sacredness of the falls and the surrounding islands – http://albertdumont.com/lights-and-glitz-at-akikodjiwan/

Free the Falls group and movement – https://freethefalls.ca/

Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaudi%C3%A8re_Falls

I pray that somehow soon the various levels of government and splinter groups will give the site the respect it deserves.

Thanks for dropping by. Spread the word. Support the movement.