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As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, farmers’ fields are laid dormant under a blanket of snow.

Central Experimental Farm December 2017

This is the reality of our world’s nature, with the changing of the seasons.

With winter holidays and Christmas celebrations approaching, it feels appropriate to honour the blessed Mother of all Mothers.

I am of course referring to Mary, Mother of Jesus of Nazareth.

As a lapsed Catholic and skeptic, I have difficulty referring to her as the Mother of God. That’s a big role with a lot of expectations and accountability! At least the bible accounts provide a comforting tale for the masses.

framed print of mother holding a baby

Mother and baby – Family heirloom print

I see this Mother Goddess as strong, compassionate and loving. If you want to read a tale about mothers of gods, you can learn about the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the sister of Osiris and awkwardly… the mother of his son and nephew, Horus. It’s a tale about sibling rivalry, murder and the assembly of essential body parts…

Ah, mythology. 

Regardless, I get all weepy-eyed when I see pictures, paintings or statues of mothers holding their wee babes in arms. It’s beautiful. It’s universal and timeless.

Please share in the comments section, your knowledge of other mythological Mother Goddesses.

Content for this post was copied from a recent page in the series, Pampered Cats and Other Household Gods

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