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Volunteering in a used book store has its benefits – and risks. 

While tidying the bookcases and displays, you can discover the rare gem. You can also become distracted and overwhelmed with the eclectic variety.

This past week while tidying up the book cases, I was pleased to discover “The Silent Cry – Mysticism and Resistance” buried in one of the sections.

Book cover The Silent Cry

The Silent Cry – Mysticism and Resistance

The Silent Cry appealed to me so I put it aside for purchase at the end of my shift. It is likely one of the books I will read as part of the Goodreads 2018 reading challenge. So many books, so little time… 

The book shop volunteers have been maintaining a display area for books on the subject of Faith. It seems appropriate for the post-holiday excitement, to bring us back to the reason for the season, acknowledgement of other belief systems and quiet contemplation during the dark, cold winter nights.

books on faith

Post-Christmas display on Faith

It was good to see regular customers brave the bitter cold, to get out for fresh air for a visit to the local library and drop in to browse our shelves. An added pleasure is when they have time to chat with me during quiet spells.

When some regulars lamented about all the extra books they have in their own bookcases, I offered consolation based on what I recalled from a recent article “Why You Should Surround Yourself With More Books Than You’ll Ever Have Time to Read“.

“An antilibrary is a powerful reminder of your limitations – the vast quantity of things you don’t know, half know, or will one day realize you’re wrong about. By living with that reminder daily you can nudge yourself towards the kind of intellectual humility that improves decision-making and drives learning.”

And that wasn’t just a ploy to encourage them to continue buying books in our shop. I did add that if the books were sitting in boxes rather than gracing the shelves then it was time to weed them out – and consider donating some to our shop 😉 I do this every few months myself!

Call it faith, determination or hope, I think people need something to help get through winter with learning new things, helping others and making new friends.

Wall banner about life cycles

Wall banner about life cycles

Wishing you an enjoyable New Year – filled with books, conversations and new possibilities.