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What’s a good way to keep your hands busy on a snowy, drab weekend? Perform a Lunar New Year cleanse!

You could also call it Winter dust removal.

It started on Saturday evening, with removal of last year’s element objects then gentle sweeping and dusting. Since I already had a demanding afternoon, it soon was time to seek my pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Bright and early Sunday morning, I was on a roll again. The cats did not appreciate my sweeping and rattling around. They knew well enough to stay in their room while I wiped up dust, corralled their fur-ball tumbleweeds and did the sandalwood incense cleanse.

Cats in a room

The furry roommates are banished to their room

Maybe they were avoiding the broom and wrath of the servant woman. Perhaps they were cautiously preparing (and plotting) for the approach of the Year of the Dog.

Snuggles supervises, inspecting my Feng Shui plans 

The Feng Shui master delivered plenty of advice to recent workshop attendees, tips on how to approach and welcome the Lunar New Year, to spread efforts over a two-week period.

I liked that gentle, gradual approach. I’m not one for rushing in to things…

The cats have endured my Feng Shui attraction for over five years.

The cats’ approval after a 2012 Feng Shui rearrangement

This time around, I feel an extra need for attention since it WILL be the Year of the Dog arriving on February 16th.

Snuggles, the laptop companion

This morning we were back to our routine of laptop affections and inspections. I moved Kwan Yin to a more auspicious location. Geneva is back to one of hers, and Snuggles has already left a couple of fur-balls on my clean floor.

cat on futon with plants in the background

Some things never change

Thanks for dropping by. Perhaps you will be interested in reading an ebook edition of The Year of the Rabbit, A Novel About Fate, Family and Forgiveness.

What are your plans for the Lunar New Year?