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It’s mid-July in the Ottawa Valley. I am typing this at the dining table with a light towel under my laptop and sticky, sweaty forearms.

I miss the refreshing water and breeze of Georgian Bay. At least memories of the Bay compensated for the hot, sticky summers NOT being stuck in the city with a noisy air conditioner and fans for comfort.

Permit me to share with you an early excerpt from The Year of the Rabbit, one where Sera Fletcher begrudgingly attends the parish picnic with her family. Father Gio finds her moping off among trees by herself.

Parish picnic excerpt at the novel’s blog.

Consider obtaining a copy of the e-book:

  • No trees were harmed.
  • No rabbits were harmed either.
  • Go to Smashwords.com where you can read or download a 20% sample then… purchase a copy in one of many supported formats. YOU, dear reader get to set the price. Smashwords recommends a 99 cent minimum.  I think that’s fair. You will need to create a Smashwords account. The way I see it, that will provide you with opportunities to discover and read works by more indie authors. 

Thanks for dropping by and … stay cool!