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This is an opinion piece about rights to places of worship and protecting a sacred site in the Ottawa River. 

It’s Sunday morning. Where will you go to worship the almighty, to give thanks for creation? 

Many of us are relieved that we can choose to stay home on assigned days of worship, to offer prayers of thanks in private, that we don’t have to venture out to a church, mosque or temple.

What about those who want to visit a natural location, to make offerings to the Creator at a site held sacred for hundreds of years?

How would you feel if local and federal governments allowed that your place of worship and its surroundings be taken over by developers?

That is what has been happening through obfuscation of facts and irresponsible politics for many decades.

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Historians and proponents for protecting Akikpautik and Akikodjiwan have performed extensive research to educate the politicians and the public by publishing timelines and writing letters to the editor of local newspapers.

“Although the Chaudière Falls and Islands are in Algonquin territory, the area was considered a neutral place where anyone could meet. People would come from huge distances. They would camp on the riverbank where the Canadian Museum of History is now, leave their weapons behind, and canoe to the Islands to gather in peace. It was a place of communications and governance. Enemies met here. It is a place without War, which may be unique in this world. This use ended with European settlement and industry, but that is just a moment in time.”

Source: http://anishinabeknews.ca/2016/10/01/chaudiere-falls-is-an-indigenous-cathedral

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