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I used to say that when the kids were young and rowdy. Now I mutter it because of the elderly cats who still live with me. 

My humble, sparse furniture needs covers and sheets to prevent their fur from embedding into the fibers. See also “Cat Lady Chic“.

cats on couches

What do you mean I have to let you wash this fur-enhanced chair cover?

black cat at laptop

Snuggles does his morning Cat on Lap thing

Miss Geneva Tabby was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which requires special canned food ($$) and insulin shots twice a day.

At first I hesitated to go the insulin route due to my unease about giving needles to a cat. Now the biggest challenge is making sure she eats breakfast on time so I can give her the morning shot and catch my buses for the day job. This human still needs to work to make the money to pay for their creature comforts – and mine.

So much for spring travel plans due to this extra expense and need for daily attention.

So much for attending meetings or evening events to support local movements that strive to educate citizens about the need to protect sacred Indigenous sites.

So much for after-work dinner date opportunities. Damn but I can’t escape the Cat Lady designation!

Tabby Cat in front of house plants

Geneva Tabby after I administered my first insulin shot for her

I have inherited a moral, legal and financial responsibility and I intend to honor it. If caring for an elderly member of the family is my burden for a while, then so be it. This could be a teaching lesson, a lesson in patience and love.

Tabby cat on futon with Zen journal

She follows me when I escape to a quiet room for meditation

Me and my clingy, diabetic cat. Diabetic Cat. It has a lyrical ring to it, possibly for a poem or contemporary folk song?

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