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As a volunteer in the local library system, I can relate to some scenes depicted in the movie trailer for The Public. 

I wonder if this is available on NetFlix Canada?

Listen to this interview with Emilo Estevez on CBC Q :

Emilio Estevez on The Public, a drama about the homelessness crisis and the importance of public libraries

Emilio Estevez joins q’s Tom Power to talk about his return to the big screen as the star, writer and director of The Public, a drama about a standoff between homeless people and the police that plays out in a Cincinnati library. The film premiered last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival and is available to watch now on demand.


During my volunteer shifts, I have observed the ragged conditions and quirks of visitors to our local library and other places in the community building.

I hope for a world where people have less addictions and mental illness and more people have a comfortable, safe place to go home to.

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