Mother Goddess

As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, it feels appropriate to honour the blessed Mother of all Mothers.

I am of course referring to Mary, Mother of Jesus of Nazareth. As a lapsed Catholic and skeptic, I cannot refer to her as the Mother of God. The biblical mythology provides a comforting tale for the masses though.

framed print of mother holding a baby

Mother and baby – Family heirloom print


If you want to read a tale about mothers of gods, you can learn about the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the sister of Osiris and awkwardly… the mother of his son and nephew, Horus. It’s a tale about sibling rivalry, murder and the assembly of essential body parts…

Ah, mythology. 

Regardless, I get all weepy-eyed when I see pictures, paintings or statues of mothers holding their wee babes in arms.

It’s beautiful.

It’s universal and timeless.


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