The forbidden room

What is it about a closed or locked door that stirs the curiosity?

The furry residents have become indignant and yet more curious the past couple of weeks.

No cats allowed sign on door

Cat fur free zone

One cat insists on howling his displeasure outside of closed doors, especially since he and his partner were able to occupy this spare room during its various states and functions.

spare room with laundry baskets cat play tunnels

The room was recently the servant woman’s work space and the cats’ play space

Now the door is mostly closed but occasionally propped open to allow for air flow – but with a makeshift barricade to keep the furry lords out.

Why is that? One of my offspring has returned for a few weeks this summer, to stay rent-free in the apartment nest. His allergic reactions to dust and cat fur seem to be worse than when he was living here a couple of years ago.

We try to accommodate his needs while assuring the felines they have plenty of other rooms to explore and occupy.

It is comforting to observe my adult son offering gentle pats to Miss Tabby time to time. Of course, he has to understand that this place now serves the interests of pampered cats and other household gods.

Flo T