The Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit

A Novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness

by Florence T Lyon

A young priest goes through the motions of following the teachings of the church in a small Georgian Bay town during the 1970s. He finds his true calling through unexpected encounters with his precocious love child. A little girl tries to make sense of her lonely world and sees the Year of the Rabbit as one of hope due to the birth of her illegitimate nephew.

New Ebook cover image:  July 2016


I had to choose a new cover image after a few reminders from my publisher that the current one was too small for Ebook / e-book distributors.

The new cover is a lovely sample created in 2015 by the resident artiste. I was holding off until we got a chance to publish a new print edition (by 2023).  After much nudging, I finally got around to uploading the new cover to Smashwords.

Ebook version:  September 2011

ebook cover for The Year of the Rabbit

ebook cover for The Year of the Rabbit

  • No trees were harmed.
  • No rabbits were harmed either.
  • Go to where you can read or download a 20% sample then… purchase a copy in one of many supported formats.   YOU, dear reader get to set the price.  Smashwords recommends a 99 cent minimum.  I think that’s fair.You will need to create a Smashwords account.  The way I see it, that will provide you with opportunities to discover and read works by more indie authors. 




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