You have pets? You likely have a surplus of fur.

Don’t want to be easily spotted as a cat lady on the buses or in the workplace? Keep a lint roller or roll of packing tape handy to get the fur off your black dress slacks.

I find it odd that even fur from a black cat will show up on my slacks. What’s with that?

Black cat with yellow eyes watching

Snuggles is watching and plotting

Here’s one video with tips on getting rid of pet hair:


As a preventative measure to adapt, of not having to (or just not wanting to) vacuum furniture, I cover my couches with fitted or colourful bed sheets.


Brown tabby on futon

Geneva Tabby enjoys her futon perch

We change the sheets fairly often or when we expect visitors, to spare them the chore of cleaning cat fur off their clothing.

Sometimes it’s a challenge getting the selected sheets to match with the limited supply of throw cushions.

Black cat on couch with striped sheet cover

Snuggles approves the cat lady chic attempt

Call it laziness or the agile approach to housekeeping 🙂  Call it Cat Lady Chic >^..^<

Black cat at computer beside cat lady chic book

Cat Lady Chic

Thanks for dropping by. Don’t forget to do a fur check on the way out ;-^ Next: Mother Goddess.