Goddess of Mercy


What the world needs now is … a little more compassion and mercy.

As I enjoy the comfort and contentment of my humble abode this weekend, I include in my thoughts, my prayers a plea for help for those escaping famine, conflict and persecution.

You can’t help but wonder at the political changes happening in neighbouring countries and overseas. How can history be repeating itself?

Introducing Kwan Yin or Guanyin, the East Asian Goddess of Mercy. I first learned about her during a Feng Shui workshop a few years ago.


Kwan Yin statue that graces our humble home

Learn more about Kwan Yin (or Guanyin) at Wikipedia.

To me, Kwan Yin welcomes and emits harmony and compassion in our home. According to Feng Shui practices, one may need to move her physical representation to a different location with the arrival of each Lunar New Year. A representative statue presently resides in an auspicious area of our living room, surrounded by plants and protected from curious paws.

I cherish that feeling of contentment but will not become complacent about the wrongdoings in our community, our country, our world. Each small voice has the potential to join in harmony with others to comfort, to convince, or even to enter into a conflict. Sometimes our hands and feet may be compelled to join in and fight the good fight.

Thank you for dropping by. Next: Adaptation. Other: Cat Lady Chic.




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